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there is a standard so the federal -- i guess the state department allows expired passports because of the standard to get one initially. >> thank you. and the police department has no fingerprinting requirements? >> for this permit? >> for this permit. >> ms. amil had to submit to live scan which is fingerprinting but the point there if she used an assume name or anything use be an assumed name and they weren't fingerprinted somewhere else it would go to that name. we are just trying to make sure -- sorry commissioner. >> just for clarification you do have on record ms. amil's fingerprints? >> yes. >> so if she would submit the
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same fingerprints you could determine she's the same person with the fingerprints that you have? is that correct? do you have fingerprints from the original? how long ago? >>i assume from argument from 2003 and had to submit a new set in 2010. >> right. so if the fingerprints line up wouldn't it be safe to assume it's the same human or no? >> no. it would want be. >> no? what's the point of the fingerprints? i mean -- >> i hear you. i got t the fingerprinting does a record check of anybody who comitded crimes -- >> okay. that's the point of it. >> so i'm john doe and i gave a set of fingerprints and crimes in nevada and years ago before that i was mark and if you want
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to be thorough and complete you need ton who the person is. that's how we get aliases and things. >> thank you. >> all right. >> commissioners the matter is submitted. >> any comments? >>i think my comments and reasonable reading of the statute and hearing from the author of the statute suggests to me that the intent behind it was not to require this revised standard of rigor for the one element that is apparently preventing ms. amil from pursuing her career as a fortuneteller. i don't think
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there is question here in my mind that the california government id that was presented as new evidence today is government issued id, so both in interpreting the statute doesn't require an unexpired id and second if you must read it that way the medical marijuana card issued by the california state government indicating who this individual is is sufficient and should be sufficient to allow her to continue her career as a fortuneteller and allow this permit to go forward. i think all of the equities furthermore would compel that result as well. that's where i am at. >> i have to agree and i couldn't have said it better
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myself. i particularly find it persuasive that mr. peskin is here today. that there is the government issued id and there is in my experience and in my view there is the opportunity to check fingerprints against criminal history, against the prior prints that were provided when the license was originally issued, and i am frankly dumbfounded that the police department has not done that and instead chose to deny this license and bring it here, so i think my vote is pretty clear to over turn the denial of the permit. >> i also agree with my fellow commissioners. i think she's the same person she was in 2003 and maybe she might have been a different person prior, but we're talking about someone
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that unfortunately did not pay a fee and here we are, so common sense would say that to let her continue on her profession. >> i will move to grant the appeal and overturn the denial of the permit on the basis -- well, my basis would be based on the fact that the medical marijuana id issued by the state of california is government issued id within the meaning of the code.
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>> we have a motion then from commissioner hurtado to grant this appeal, overrule the denial and issue this permit on the basis or with the finding that the state issued medical marijuana id is a valid government id under the code. correct? on that motion to over rule commissioner fung. >> aye. >> president hwang. >> aye. >> vice president is absent. commissioner honda. >> aye. >> thank you. the vote is four-zero. the denial is overruled and the permit shall issue with that finding. thank you. >> thank you. we're going to take a break. this is going to
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be a long night so at least 10 minutes, maybe more.
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